Ancient Egyptian bric-a-brac

July 19, 2014

As we approach the centenary of the start of the Great War this year and the landings at Gallipoli there will be increasing attention paid to what the Australian and New Zealand troops did overseas, and not just their military adventures.  An early entry into what is likely to become a crowded field is a nifty little blog posting developed by Dr Brit Asmussen of the Queensland Museum as part of National Archaeology Week 2014.

The Bric-a-brac of war looks at Egyptian material acquired by the Queensland Museum or held privately by descendants of diggers, and includes some excellent images of both ancient and modern style fakes.

Some of this material and the same sort of stuff collected during World War II seems to have ended up either accidentally or deliberately fooling people into believing the presence of ancient Egyptians.  In the Secret Visitors Project we have already explored a number of these and concluded that they were very modern artefacts.

At the time the importation of fake souvenirs was recognised as targeting the more gullible, but there were also large numbers of ‘authentic’ artefacts being imported for sale with no restriction.  My research found a few leads on an otherwise untold story.

The Gordonvale Scarab – discovered around the end of the Great War, and very likely to have been a hoax that still continues to have its defenders.  Part of the joke was that Egypt and Gordonvale, where scarab beetles were devastating the sugar cane crop and were subject to a bounty, were the two places on earth where you could make money from digging up scarabs.

The Daly River scarab – likely to have been brought back during the Second World War and found in the early 1960s.

The Geraldton Plate – dug up in the early 1960s, at seemingly great depth in the Western Australian port town.

The Ptolemaic coin found at Barron Falls is likely to also be a hoax or the mis-remembering of something that happened decades earlier.

Asmussen’s work reminds us that these are not things that happened a long time ago.  There are still many artefacts in peoples’ personal collections and, as the story of their origin is lost with passing lives, the vacuum is all too easily filled with stories of ancient Egyptians and false discoveries.

My thanks to Steve Spillard for drawing my attention to this.


Dr Brit Asmussen 2014
The Bric-a-brac of war, Queensland Museum –  Can be accessed here.

Kariong hieroglyphs – the movies – Part 4

June 15, 2014

Part 3 and Part 4 of this series added on the same day, bringing up the total movies to 61! This part brings us up to date and reveals some interesting trends.  Steve Strong, the most active current advocate for the authenticity of the Kariong glyphs has added many of the new ones, and is also reposting his main Egyptians In Australia series.  Three others are based around conspiracy and esoteric radio show interviews, which either have a single static shot or, slightly better, re-used footage to run behind the commentary.  While some of the new additions show some real talent with a camera we are still yet to see a decent online documentary exploring the evidence, as against telling people what they are supposed to know. So, once again, sit back and get ready to enjoy the latest additions to the Kariong movies.  You can treat Steve Strong’s repeats as ‘classic screenings’ if you like.  the total running time this time is more than 7 hours.  A static shot of a smiling Steve and Evan Strong staring back at you for nearly an hour of that adds a suitably Andy Warhol-like bizarreness to the proceedings. Enjoy!  if you dare and, of course, let me know of any others I may have missed.

46. Egyptians in Australia [44 mins 38 secs]

Uploaded by ZeroEightyFour on 4 October 2012 Seems to be a close match to no. 33 above.

47. Gosford Glyphs visit by halfasheep [7 mins 10 sec]

Uploaded by Halfasheep on 2 March 2013

48. Did Ancient Egyptians Visit Australia? Hieroglyphs Found in Cave [2 mins 37 sec]

Uploaded by The Cosmos News on 30 July 2013

Cosmos News is an internet news service that does not seem to consider accuracy as part of its remit. Intriguing robotic voice-over adds to the general surrealism of the piece, which appears to be based on anything they could find on the internet without bothering to check.

49. Egyptians in Ancient Australia: Part One – Wayne Peters B.Sc. [7 mins 47 sec]

50. Egyptians in Ancient Australia: Part Two by Wayne Peters B.Sc. [7 mins 57 sec]

Both uploaded by Wayne Peters on 14 August 2013

51. Gliphs NSW – [2 hrs 5 mins 54 secs]

Uploaded by Skoddy on 9 Sept 2013

This is very poor quality footage of the inscriptions with a stream of consciousness commentary between a man and a woman.  The actual video finishes at about 1 hour 10 mins, and the remaining hour is static.

52. Red Ice Radio – Steven & Evan Strong – Hour 1 – Aboriginal Origins and Egyptian glyphs in Australia [50 mins 45 sec]

Uploaded by Red Ice Radio on 7 November 2013

Radio interview with the Strongs. No footage just a single graphic of father and son, as seen on their website.

53. Anciens Egyptiens en Australie [2 mins 13 sec]

Uploaded by Télestaï on 29 December 2013

No commentary, although some text from other broadcasts is translated [Steve Strong becomes Steve Forte].  Nice music over ‘borrowed’ footage.

54. Forbidden Histories – The Advanced Ancient Australians [54 mins 47 sec]

Uploaded by Nephilim70 on 24 January 2014

A radio interview with Steve Strong, but using footage from his Egyptians in Australia series as well. Generally poor sound quality throughout.

55. Kariong Hieroglyphs – Just the Facts [3 mins 58 sec]

Uploaded by Steve S on 23 March 2014

Released to mark the establishment of his website, which represents the Kariong glyphs are fake perspective.

56. Egyptians in Australia Part 2 [45 mins 1 sec]

Uploaded by ForgottenOriginDotCom on 5 May 2014

This and other Steve Strong videos replace those uploaded on the Lisa Harrison website some 12-18 months ago.

57. Egyptians in Australia – Part 4 [16 mins 28 secs]

Uploaded by ForgottenOriginDotCom on 5 May 2014 Same as No. 38 above.

58. Egyptians in Australia part 5 [26 mins 13 sec]

Uploaded by ForgottenOriginDotCom on 5 May 2014

59. Egyptians in Australia part 6 [1 min 51 sec]

Uploaded by ForgottenOriginDotCom on 5 May 2014

Same as no 44, but see also interpretation of the carving debunked effectively in No. 45.

60. Australia’s Kariong Egyptian Glyphs Site [1 hr 28 min 20 sec]

Uploaded by Disclosure Nation on 7 June 2014

Not a film as such but a radio interview with Steven and Evan Strong with a single graphic. Good sound quality.

61. Gosford Hieroglyphics Directions. [2 mins 46 sec]

Uploaded by robfur1000 on 10 June 2014

Kariong hieroglyphs – the movies – Part 3

June 15, 2014

The supposed Egyptian hieroglyph site at Kariong, north of Sydney, Australia just keeps on giving.  It has that rare quality that makes people want to pull out their video cameras, or even mobile phones, and start capturing footage that they can load on to YouTube with a bit of unstructured commentary.

Previous posts – Parts 1 and Part 2 have given us a bunch of shaky video, but among this latest batch there are some real winners.  We get more than 8 HOURS !!!! of footage, dominated by Steve Strong expounding on his theories about the engravings having not only Egyptian, but ancient Australian ritual and UFO connections, and even some Rex Gilroy.  This is much more than a casual sit-down.  Treat it like a box set of your favourite TV series – tell everyone you are out, lay in supplies and take the phone off the hook.  At the end of this marathon, if you make it, I suspect your resolve will be broken.  You may just find yourself becoming a believer so that the awfulness can stop. This is not for the faint-hearted.

If you are interested in the way the debate about this site has been running, you should also check out the comments accompanying the clips on YouTube.

28.  Woy Woy hieroglyphs – weeping eye  [0 mins 31 sec]

Uploaded by particle68 on 7 April 2012

29.  Gosford hieroglyphs  [15 mins 49 sec]

Uploaded by Leroy Johnson on 27 July 2012

30.  Steven Strong with Lisa Harrison  [1 hr 52 min 31 sec]

Uploaded by lisamharrison on 12 August 2012

31.  Glyphs affirm Pleiadian ETs as originators of homo sapiens as Australian Aboriginal – Steve Strong  [35 mins 47 sec]

Uploaded by exopoliticsTV on 29 August 2012

An interview between Steve Strong and Alfred Webre.

32.  Rex Gilroy – Ancient Egyptians in Australia  [5 mins 12 sec]

Uploaded by mike44920 on 10 September 2012

A rare polished performance from Rex Gilroy.  This is a short excerpt from an undated discovery Channel segment and also features Dr Boyo Ockinga of Macquarie University.

33.  Egyptians in Australia Part 1 – Steve Strong  [45 min 50 sec]

Uploaded by lisamharrison on 20 September 2012

34.  Egyptians in Australia Part 2 – Steve Strong  [45 min 01 sec]

Uploaded by lisamharrison on 21 September 2012

35.  A karryon @ Kariong. 2011  [18 mins 33 sec]

Uploaded by Brian Cooper on 26 September 2012

36.  Steven Strong with Lisa Harrison [2hrs 05 min 13 sec]

Uploaded by Lisa Harrison on 8 October 2012

Different from No. 30.  More focussed on Kariong, but still a very long slog for anyone not in love with Strong’s voice.

37.  Egyptians in Australia – Part 3  [6 mins 21 sec]

Uploaded by Theforgottenorigins on 12 October 2012

This is the third part of the Steven Strong presentation.  Much shorter.

38.  Egyptians in Australia – Part 4 [16 mins 24 sec]

Uploaded by Lisa M Harrison on 10 December 2012

Another Steve Strong-presented exposition of his view of the meaning of the glyphs.  Includes footage below ground and the circles which he considers to be constellation maps.

39.  Egyptian’s in Australia No 1  Are their carvings of UFO’s at Woy Woy NSW .mp4 [7 mins 37 sec]

Uploaded by Neville Joseph on 2 November 2012

40.  Egyptian’s in Austraila No2 Carving of UFO by N Roughan.mp4 [1 min 12 sec]

Uploaded by Neville Joseph on 3 November 2012

41.  Egyptians in Australia Part 4 [16 mins 29 sec]

Uploaded by lisamharrison on 10 December 2012

42. Gosford Egyptian Hyroglyphs (Glyphs) FAKES or FACTS [4 mins 48 sec]

Uploaded by Askew1312 on 22 December 2012

Rebuttal to the prevailing believer view of the authenticity of the Kariong engravings.

43.  Egyptians in Australia Part 5 [26 mins 12 sec]

Uploaded by liamharrison on 30 December 2012

44.  Egyptians in Australia Part 6 [1 min 52 sec]

Uploaded by lisamharrison on 4 February 2013

Very short clip showing Strong et al outlining what they say looks like a UFO rock engraving, near the Kariong engraving, and resembling some of the glyphs.

45.  Egyptians in Australia Part 6 – the truth [4 min 22 sec]

Uploaded by mulcontent on 9 February 2013

Rebuttal of the UFO clip above.  Woy Woy Steve [mulcontent] shows that what Strong took to be a UFO is part of an Aboriginal whale engraving.

The Geraldton Plate

June 15, 2014

In 1963 a brass plate covered with Egyptian designs was discovered at Geraldton, on the northwest coast of Western Australia.  Whats more, it was uncovered during an excavation and was pulled up from a pit from below the present water level.  The find was reported to explorer and believer in the Egyptian discovery of Australia, Michael Terry.  My question is ‘why have we not heard more about this amazing find?’   To find out why, read on… Read the rest of this entry »

Professor Elkin’s secret masonic handshake

May 7, 2014

‘During 1931, Professor A.P. Elkin, then Professor of Anthropology at Sydney University, visited the north-west Kimberley region of Western Australia to make a field study of the Aboriginal cultures thereabouts. He came upon a strange tribe of Aborigines whom he soon found had never before seen a white man. Not only was the professor astounded when tribal leaders greeted him with secret Masonic hand signs, he was struck by the startlingly Semitic features present in the natives.

‘Prof. Elkin soon discovered that the natives worshipped the Sun, that they also had an Earth Mother and Rainbow Serpent cult, and that they practiced mummification of the dead. He recorded these and many other customs including the languages of the region. Only later did he discover that many of the words spoken by the tribes were of Egyptian origin.

‘These findings led Prof. Elkin to conclude that at some time in the distant past the Aboriginal culture of the north-west Kimberley had been influenced by visitors from outside Australia – that is, by visitors from the ancient Middle East, notably Egyptians’ [Gilroy 1995: pp. 248-9]

Could this be true? Could one of Australia’s most eminent anthropologists have discovered such convincing evidence of contact with ancient Egyptian sea-farers? And who kept it secret for half a century? What was the story?

In this post I want to look at the claim made by Gilroy about Elkin, but also mentioned by other explorers and travellers that they had met and exchanged Masonic hand gestures with Aboriginal people. It has some currency among secret visitor claims, and gets repeated often enough on the internet to merit discussing. Here are some other examples.

Atlantis Rising Forum – posted 10 May 2004

RBG Street Scholar – posted 25 Feb 2007

Above Top Secret Forum – posted 10 March 2012

Read the rest of this entry »

Lawrence Hargrave and Norman Lindsay

December 29, 2013

Norman Lindsay was a writer and artist at the beginning of the 20th century.  His involvement as an illustrator and writer in the Bulletin and Lone Hand magazines, as well as his separately published stories and art, have made him one of Australia’s best known artists.  In 1911 he and his literary colleague J.H.M. [John Henry Macartney] Abbott had a brief but enduring encounter with Hargrave that, arguably, influenced his approach to consider looking for evidence through archaeological excavation.

Figure 2.  Norman Lindsay's depiction of the engraving of the 'Spanish Proclamation'

Figure 1. Norman Lindsay’s depiction of the engraving of the ‘Spanish Proclamation’

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Gordonvale scarab – 3

February 10, 2013

For the earlier parts of the Gordonvale scarab story go to Part 1 and Part 2.

A practical joke?

This leads me to propose that that finding of the scarab was a practical joke.  Not singling out Isaac Brown or any unnamed perpetrator, we have a well that needs re-digging on a property either immediately before, during or maybe even just after the Great War.  The standard process would be [1] hoaxer brings scarab in his pocket, [2] chucks it in hole when no one is looking, [3] innocent pulls up a spadeful of dirt and sees scarab, [4] hilarity ensues, [5] culprit confesses, [6] revenge plotted.  That would work anywhere in Australia.  In Gordonvale, however, the joke has added meaning and irresistibility, because it and Egypt are the only two places on Earth where you get money for digging up scarabs.

I would argue that the standard joke was given a much sharper edge in the Gordonvale area, precisely because farmers would have been aware of the double meaning of the scarab beetle.  For the joke to work the scarab has to be so out of place and incongruous that it cannot have been mistaken for a rock.  Therefore a fairly large one was required.  When it was dug up, the joke worked on three distinct levels. Read the rest of this entry »


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