Kangaroos in Egypt

Have kangaroos been found in Egypt?  Many websites repeat a brief story which says that in January 1984 the Cairo Times reported that kangaroo fossils were unearthed by archaeologists in Egypt’s Fayum region. This is usually cited along with a range of other equally vaguely referenced ‘proofs’ that Australia was familiar to the ancient Egyptians. 

The story is often repeated by cut-and-paste methods that dump large amounts of text into a post.  I have not been able to source the original Cairo Times article, but  the earliest mention I can find is in Maggie’s Farm from 1984, an alternative lifestyle magazine that later developed into New Dawn and Nexus.

Some deft googling established a few facts and corrected some misconceptions.  The Fayum Depression, about 50-100 km southwest of Cairo, is well known for its Tertiary period palaeontological remains, including very early primates.  In 1981 the first discovery of a marsupial in Africa took place in the Fayum.  A small marsupial jaw was found in field survey in the Jebel Qatrani formation.  The following year additional jaws were found securely associated with the same formation.  The specimens came from a new species, Peratherium africanus, a didelphid marsupial, i.e. the family containing the American opossums, not closely related to the Australian marsupials [Simons and Bown 1984; Bowns and Simon 1984].  In size the Peratherium resembles one of the smaller possum body sizes, perhaps similar to the Australian pygmy possum.  The finds come from Oligocene deposits, dating from 34-23 million years ago.  This is well before any human intervention, and also quite a while after the Australian marsupial fauna had begun to follow its own evolutionary trajectory.  The jaw is comparable to other marsupials of similar or older date found in Europe and probably related closely to earlier European marsupials.

Clearly, when the discovery was first reported the idea of a marsupial conjured up the best known form – the kangaroo.  Further confusion came once it was published and repeated through uncritical repetition on the internet, without an opportunity to check the facts.

So, when someone says ‘Weren’t kangaroos found in the Egyptian desert?’, you can say with great certainty, and in a totally unpatronising manner, ‘No, early marsupial remains dating many tens of million years ago were found in Egypt, but their presence is entirely consistent with what we know of marsupial evolution and biogeography.  There were no kangaroos, and there was no human intervention.’



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9 Responses to Kangaroos in Egypt

  1. SS says:

    Australian gold and boomerangs were found in king tuts tomb

  2. Sam Thorne says:

    Thank you. You’ve already done the research I was preparing to do.

    • SS says:

      a google search is far from real research

    • Absolutely, but its very sensible way to start a research process, and to get beyond dodgy fictions dressed up as fact, and to some robust evidence.
      If you just rely on Google you will end up with unsupported statements like ‘Australian gold and boomerangs were found in king tuts tomb’. If its repeated often enough some people might start to believe its true. As the Orange Prince says ‘Fake news. Sad,’

    • Scrambo says:

      Google algorithms are rigged, Google has entered into contracts with most Governments, many stories and articles are hard to find or missing, ie, doing a Google search in Australia about First Australians will direct you to Murdoch propaganda media sites, news stories showing police brutality will be non existent the next day.

  3. Hans-Dieter von Senff says:

    Marsupials died out in all the world, exept for Australia. I can just imagine aborigial canoes, loking like a haystack, travelling across the ocean, with the kangaroo sitting on top, waiting all the way, so that the Aborigines could remove the faeces from the hay, in order not to contaminate the feed.
    If that sounds feasible to you,then I ask you to tell Steve Strong and his Associates, I am sure he will create another Aboriginal Story about the Pleiades, and how the cristal ship was loaded with hay and other marsupial feed, and that the extinct marsupials died, because Europe, Asia, North ans South America as well as in Africa died out, because they could not getsuitable feed.
    As regard to Anubis. Anubis has the head of a dog, like a dingo, not some tree climbing Kangaroo, while Suti at Kariong is based on the aardwark, (Earth worker)

  4. Daniel Collins says:

    Of course they got their hands on some Kangaroos, what do you think the head of Anubis really is?

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