Rex Gilroy bibliography

Rex Gilroy has been a prolific writer on secret visitors, as well as on UFOs, cryptozoology and other topics.  Much of his material before 1995 originated as newspaper press releases or stories and these have been collated into his major publications, often with only minor editing.  Since 1995 he has produced a large number of books on these topics.

What follows is a chronological listing of the material relating to Rex Gilroy’s secret visitor theories.  I do not cover his URU theory at all, once that name appears, apart from the books.  Therefore you might find in the following list some early mentions of megalithic cultures but not the more developed material on Uru.  I have included together items where he is the author and other newspaper coverage where Rex is either the subject or a significant part of the story.  I think that is more useful than multiple lists.  I’ll periodically edit the list and include any other references that have been suggested.  The last update [Dec 2014] follows a visit to the excellent Cairns Historical Society resource centre and a raid on their well-catalogued newsclipping collection.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Greg Foster, who runs the Gilroy websites, notes that he has a file of more than 2,700 newsclippings by or about Rex Gilroy and his discoveries across all subject areas.  Hopefully this will be a more tractable sampling.

Anon. 1968
[Aboriginal sites in the Blue Mountains], Mountain Gazette, 25 July 1968 [link here].

Anon. 1968
[Aboriginal sites in the Blue Mountains], Blue Mountains Advertiser, 19 September 1968 [link here].

Gilroy, R. 1969
‘New light on the antiquity of Man in Australia’, Origin, vol. 1 [3], 4 September 1969, pp. 6-7.

Gilroy, R. 1969
‘Australia: Man’s birthplace?’, Origin, vol. 1 [8], 13 November 1969, pp. 4-5.

Gilroy, R. 1970
‘Tracking pre-Captain Cook explorers’, Origin, vol. 2 [2], 22 January 1970, pp. 4-5.

Gilroy, R. 1970
‘The “Terramungamine Affair” was a fight to preserve our heritage’, Origin, vol. 2 [4], 19 February1970, pp. 4, 6.

Discusses Terramungamine Aboriginal Reserve near Dubbo, vandalism and damage to Aboriginal cultural heritage and general disrespect shown to property.

Gilroy, R. 1970
‘The Egyptians in Australia’, Bankstown Historical Society Newsletter, vol. 4 [2], pp. 2-4.

Gilroy, R. 1971
‘ Talkabout’, Blue Mountains and Lithgow district news.

Anon. 1976
‘Mystery relics add weight to Gilroy’s claims’, Gympie Times, 24 June 1976, p. 6.

Anon. 1976
‘Evidence grows Egyptians were in Australia’, Gympie Times, 24 June 1976, p. 6.

Gilroy, R. 1976
‘Ancient Australians’, Psychic Australian, June 1976 [link here]

Gilroy, R. 1976
‘Bathurst Stonehenge’, Psychic Australian, November 1976. [link here]

Gilroy, R. 1977
‘Alexander’s lost fleet’, Psychic Australian, January 1977. [link here]

Gilroy, R. 1977
‘Vikings Visited Cairns’, Psychic Australian, March 1977 [link here]

Gilroy, R. 1977
‘Mysterious Egyptian finds in NSW mountains’, Psychic Australian, July 1977. [link here]

Anon. 1978
‘Ancient civilisations visited NQ Historian says’, Cairns Post, 3 July 1978, p. 11.

Gilroy, R. 1978
‘Yowie sightings’ [letter to Editor], Cairns Post, 3 July 1978, p.?.

Gilroy, R. 1978
‘Pygmies in Australia’, Paranormal and Psychic Australian, 3 [2], pp. 14-17, 29-30.

Gilroy, R. 1978
‘Egyptians in Australia’, Paranormal and Psychic Australian, 3 [8], pp. 6-9, 29-31.

Gilroy, R. 1978
‘Australia’s ancient astronauts’, Paranormal and Psychic Australian, October 1978. [link here]

Gilroy, R. 1979
‘The lost civilisation of Australia’, Strange phenomena: incorporating Psychic Australian and Interstate UFO Quarterly, vol. 3, no. 4, September, pp. 20-22, 29. [link here]

Anon. 1979
‘Gilroy view given boost’, Gympie Times, 30 June 1979.

Gilroy, R. 1980
‘Search for the lost pyramid of Far North Queensland’, The Northern Sun, vol. 6 [16], July-Sept. 1980, pp. 8-9.

Anon. 1983
‘Australian Colonised before Cook’, Blue Mountains Gazette, 25 May 1983. [link here]

Gilroy, R. 1983
‘Gympie shows signs of Egyptian colony’, Gympie Times, 25 November 1983, p. 6.

Anon. 1984
‘A chink in Captain Cooks glory?’, Blue Mountains Echo, 2 May 1984. [link here]

Gilroy, R. 1984
‘Gympie pyramid discoverer keeping latest find secret’, Gympie Times, 17 May 1984, p. 4.

Gilroy, R. 1984
‘Pyramids of Australia’, Australasian Post, 30 August 1984, pp. 8-9.

Gilroy, R. 1984
‘Ships from the Nile were first’, Australasian Post, 24 December 1984. [link here]

Gilroy, R. 1985
‘Our lost Pygmy tribe’, Australasian Post, 11 April 1985.  [link here]

Gilroy, R. 1985
‘Carving out a new history’, Australasian Post, 19 December 1985, pp. 26-27.  [link here]

Gilroy, R. 1985
‘Foreign aid [Letter to Editor]’, Sydney Sunday Telegraph, ? issue date.

Gilroy, R. 1986
‘Were the Chinese First to Discover Australia?’, Australasian Post, 1 May 1986.  [link here]

Gilroy, R. 1987
‘Did the ancients take a ‘Punt’ on Australia?’, Australasian Post, ?issue date, pp. 8-9.

Gilroy, R. 1988
‘Did the Spanish discover us in 1588?’, Australasian Post, 31 December 1988.  [link here]

Gilroy, R. 1990
‘Stonehenge is here’, Australasian Post, 17 February 1990.

Anon. 1990
‘… fabled lost pyramids’ [partial newsclipping], 25 April 1990, p. 5.

Gilroy, R. 1995
Mysterious Australia
, Mapleton, Nexus Publishing, ISBN 064625393X, First edition.

Gilroy, R.  1999
‘Ape men in Australia’ Australasian Ufologist Magazine, vol. 3 no.3, pp. 40-42.

Gilroy, R. 2000
‘Pyramids in the Pacific’, The Australasian Ufologist Magazine, vol. 4 no.1, pp. 27-33.

Gilroy, R. 2000
‘Ancient Egyptian colonists of Australia’, Exposure, 7 [4], pp. 40-46.

Gilroy, R. 2000
Pyramids in the Pacific, Katoomba, URU Publications, ISBN 0646396331.

Gilroy, R. 2001
‘Were the Aboriginals the first Australians?’, Heritage [Australian Heritage Society], vol. 25, [no. 95] pp. 15-19, [no. 96] pp. 17-19.

Gilroy, R. and H. Gilroy 2003
Mysterious Australia, Katoomba, URU Publications, ISBN  0957871619, 2nd edition.

Australian Broadcasting Commission 2004
‘The Rex Files’, Australian Story, 20 Sept 2004 [interview with Rex and Heather Gilroy] [transcript here; YouTube clip here]

Gilroy, R. and H. Gilroy 2005
URU, The lost civilisation of Australia, URU Publications, Katoomba, 0957871643.

Anon. 2005
‘Archeological discoveries by the Gilroys’, unidentified newspaper [likely North Qld], No. 82, October 2005, p. 18.

Gilroy, R. 2007
‘Uru – the lost civilisation of Australia’, New Dawn, 103, pp. 27-30.

Gilroy, R. and H. Gilroy 2010
Pyramids of Destiny
, URU Publications, Katoomba, 9780957871687.
[updated edition of Pyramids of the Pacific]

Gilroy, R. 2014
‘Ancient Celts colonised Australia 3,000 years ago!, Hard evidence, 14 [2], March- April, pp. 48-51.

Gilroy, R. 2014
‘Uru – the lost megalithic civilisation of Australia’, Hard evidence, 14 [3], May-June, pp. 54-57.

– – – – –

Date unknown / not seen / no details

Gilroy, R. [?date]
‘Did the Pharaohs know of Australia’, Western Advocate, [?issue date].

– – – – – –

Origin, where Gilroy published for the first time to a wider audience, was a national Aboriginal community newspaper from South Australia.  This was before the enactment of laws for the protection of Aboriginal heritage in most states, and apart from a few other brief notices in its five year run, the Gilroy articles are the main contribution to awareness of archaeological heritage.


3 Responses to Rex Gilroy bibliography

  1. Greg says:

    I tried to finish this once but Rex has so much to upload to to his three sites..Have a nice Christmas..This is the actual newspaper articles photo..

  2. Greg says:

    HI..I am the Greg you talk about..I briefly did a summary site on the newspaper articles..There is hundreds of article links there somewhere Rex will have 12 more books out in the next 3 years..hes been quite ill of late..Two Yowie books and two on the URU as well..Showing their day to day lives and script which is now deciphered..Good to see you not having a go at Rex..He is a remarkable individual.. Some don’t understand his ways and therefore take aim at Rex for no reason..

    • Hi Greg –

      I think the best I can do is just add things in the Secret visitor line as they come along. I dont cover yowies, crypto / panther, UFOs at all so hopefully its more manageable. Sorry to hear he’s been crook as well.

      My job’s not to have a go at Rex Gilroy or anybody, but to act professionally. Rex and many others with claims all say they are dismissed by a conspiracy of silence / unbelieving archaeologists etc. I think they have a fair complaint, so what I want to do in the blog and also as one aim of the thesis is to give the material put forward as proof the sort of scrutiny and testing I would give any of my colleagues’ finds. If they come forward with something that they say will change everything that we know and turn the established history of Australia upside down, then ethically we do have to have a hard look at it and ask tough questions, and ultimately get convincing answers.

      And you’ve reminded me also to wish all of the readers [the stats say we’re well into second dozen] a merry Christmas. I hope your 2013 starts well and gets better as it goes along.

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