Kariong presentation – December 2011

I had pretty much been holding off on contributing much on Kariong until I was a bit further advanced on my own work, but this notice appeared yesterday in OzArch, the Australian archaeology Google group.

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Posted 27 November 2011 at 1.13 pm
The Australian Aborigines are the first humans.
They were created long ago on the Fist Day.
This was at a time before time began.
Long afterwards, after their culture had fully evolved, the Aborigines sailed from Australia all around the world in a figure 8 and colonised the whole earth.
All of the world’s peoples and all of the human culture derive from the Aborigines.
The predominant teacher of all this at the current time is Mr Steven Strong.
Steve says that his task is to prove by science what the Elders have always said.
Steve Strong’s latest speaking engagement will be as follows:

Sunday 11th December, 2011 Artsbarn 2 Dandaloo St Kariong, NSW, Australia.   Steven will be accompanied by Dr. Hans-Dieter von Senff.

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Father and son team Steven and Evan Strong have written several detailed works on why they believe that modern human evolution began with Australian Aboriginal people.  These can be found here.

Dr. Hans-Dieter von Senff is the leading promoter of the authenticity of the Kariong engravings.  Its not clear whether he will be speaking.

On the face of it there is little shared ground between the two – Strong is dealing with early human evolution and a refreshing twist on the usual diffusionist scenario.  Von Senff’s interest in the hieroglyphs, apart from some chronological issues, requires less a reversal ofthe current view and more a suspension of disbelief.

Not sure I can make it, but would love to hear from anyone who goes.


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  1. Ed Skoda says:

    For a comprehensive review of the Kariong Glyphs get in touch with Steve Spillard – http://woywoynet.blogspot.com.au/search?q=glyphs

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