Sumerians? No, wait – Egyptians!

A thread recently appeared on the Unexplained Mysteries Forum, titled ‘Ancient Sumerians and Egyptians in Australia –  Ancient Sumerian engravings found on Pyramid Mountain near Cairns’.

Update 25 May 2012 – The remainder of this post and subsequent comments have been removed at the request of one of the contributors to that forum.



3 Responses to Sumerians? No, wait – Egyptians!

  1. david says:

    it’s such a shame that your intelligent and objective report on the issue has been sensored.

    your comments on the matter were very interesting.

    the actual thread over on Unexplained Mysteries is quite a farce by comparison except of course those excellent posts from kmt_sesh and others.

    good work on this blog btw.


    • One of the posters on the original thread in Unexplained Mysteries on which I was commenting called the Sumerian’s post defamatory. On advice I had no choice but to withdraw the ‘Sumerians? No, wait – Egyptians!’ and ‘More from Walsh’s Pyramid, Queensland’ posts, plus comments made to that time.

      I’m looking further at it, and hope to be able to put up something that at least looks at the claims.

    • kmtsesh says:

      I’m saddened to see this happen. Was it a Mod or Admin from UM? Is there some proprietary issue at play? I have my own WordPress blog and should probably be aware of these things. I don’t see anything wrong or unfair in your two articles so I hope there’s something you can do.

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