More from Walsh’s Pyramid, Queensland

This post has been deleted.


4 Responses to More from Walsh’s Pyramid, Queensland

  1. Ed Skoda says:

    Why has “More from Walsh’s Pyramid, Queensland” been deleted?

    • One of the posters on the original thread in Unexplained Mysteries on which I was commenting called the Sumerian’s post defamatory. On advice I had no choice but to withdraw the ‘Sumerians? No, wait – Egyptians!’ and ‘More from Walsh’s Pyramid, Queensland’ posts, plus comments made to that time.

      I’m looking further at it, and hope to be able to put up something that at least looks at the claims.

    • Ed Skoda says:

      Bugger. I wonder if the “Phoenician plumb” will be tied to the “Phoenician wharf” at Sarina…

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