Kariong hieroglyphs – the movies – Part 3

June 15, 2014

The supposed Egyptian hieroglyph site at Kariong, north of Sydney, Australia just keeps on giving.  It has that rare quality that makes people want to pull out their video cameras, or even mobile phones, and start capturing footage that they can load on to YouTube with a bit of unstructured commentary.

Previous posts – Parts 1 and Part 2 have given us a bunch of shaky video, but among this latest batch there are some real winners.  We get more than 8 HOURS !!!! of footage, dominated by Steve Strong expounding on his theories about the engravings having not only Egyptian, but ancient Australian ritual and UFO connections, and even some Rex Gilroy.  This is much more than a casual sit-down.  Treat it like a box set of your favourite TV series – tell everyone you are out, lay in supplies and take the phone off the hook.  At the end of this marathon, if you make it, I suspect your resolve will be broken.  You may just find yourself becoming a believer so that the awfulness can stop. This is not for the faint-hearted.

If you are interested in the way the debate about this site has been running, you should also check out the comments accompanying the clips on YouTube.

28.  Woy Woy hieroglyphs – weeping eye  [0 mins 31 sec]

Uploaded by particle68 on 7 April 2012

29.  Gosford hieroglyphs  [15 mins 49 sec]

Uploaded by Leroy Johnson on 27 July 2012

30.  Steven Strong with Lisa Harrison  [1 hr 52 min 31 sec]

Uploaded by lisamharrison on 12 August 2012

31.  Glyphs affirm Pleiadian ETs as originators of homo sapiens as Australian Aboriginal – Steve Strong  [35 mins 47 sec]

Uploaded by exopoliticsTV on 29 August 2012

An interview between Steve Strong and Alfred Webre.

32.  Rex Gilroy – Ancient Egyptians in Australia  [5 mins 12 sec]

Uploaded by mike44920 on 10 September 2012

A rare polished performance from Rex Gilroy.  This is a short excerpt from an undated discovery Channel segment and also features Dr Boyo Ockinga of Macquarie University.

33.  Egyptians in Australia Part 1 – Steve Strong  [45 min 50 sec]

Uploaded by lisamharrison on 20 September 2012

34.  Egyptians in Australia Part 2 – Steve Strong  [45 min 01 sec]

Uploaded by lisamharrison on 21 September 2012

35.  A karryon @ Kariong. 2011  [18 mins 33 sec]

Uploaded by Brian Cooper on 26 September 2012

36.  Steven Strong with Lisa Harrison [2hrs 05 min 13 sec]

Uploaded by Lisa Harrison on 8 October 2012

Different from No. 30.  More focussed on Kariong, but still a very long slog for anyone not in love with Strong’s voice.

37.  Egyptians in Australia – Part 3  [6 mins 21 sec]

Uploaded by Theforgottenorigins on 12 October 2012

This is the third part of the Steven Strong presentation.  Much shorter.

38.  Egyptians in Australia – Part 4 [16 mins 24 sec]

Uploaded by Lisa M Harrison on 10 December 2012

Another Steve Strong-presented exposition of his view of the meaning of the glyphs.  Includes footage below ground and the circles which he considers to be constellation maps.

39.  Egyptian’s in Australia No 1  Are their carvings of UFO’s at Woy Woy NSW .mp4 [7 mins 37 sec]

Uploaded by Neville Joseph on 2 November 2012

40.  Egyptian’s in Austraila No2 Carving of UFO by N Roughan.mp4 [1 min 12 sec]

Uploaded by Neville Joseph on 3 November 2012

41.  Egyptians in Australia Part 4 [16 mins 29 sec]

Uploaded by lisamharrison on 10 December 2012

42. Gosford Egyptian Hyroglyphs (Glyphs) FAKES or FACTS [4 mins 48 sec]

Uploaded by Askew1312 on 22 December 2012

Rebuttal to the prevailing believer view of the authenticity of the Kariong engravings.

43.  Egyptians in Australia Part 5 [26 mins 12 sec]

Uploaded by liamharrison on 30 December 2012

44.  Egyptians in Australia Part 6 [1 min 52 sec]

Uploaded by lisamharrison on 4 February 2013

Very short clip showing Strong et al outlining what they say looks like a UFO rock engraving, near the Kariong engraving, and resembling some of the glyphs.

45.  Egyptians in Australia Part 6 – the truth [4 min 22 sec]

Uploaded by mulcontent on 9 February 2013

Rebuttal of the UFO clip above.  Woy Woy Steve [mulcontent] shows that what Strong took to be a UFO is part of an Aboriginal whale engraving.