Kariong hieroglyphs – press release

October 21, 2012

I’ve limited my mentions of the Kariong hieroglyphs to date, mainly because its a big topic and because there are lots of other places on the Internet you can go to to see both sides at work.  So far I’ve mainly posted on Kariong clips on Youtube here and most recently here.  There are plans for a comprehensive treatment, but work has got in the way, so while there is a lot in draft, very little has actually appeared on this site.

A few days ago I got contacted about the Kariong glyphs by a Newcastle, NSW, journalist.  The main advocate for the authenticity of the engravings – Hans Dieter von Senff – had issued a press release to a host of news agencies about the site and some new discoveries he had made there.  Iwas asked to comment, and gave a fairly general answer about my overall studies rather than the claim, since I had not seen the press release as yet.

I thought it might be useful, while the news is still ‘hot’ to call your attention to it.

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