Kariong hieroglyphs – the movies

There are a number of video clips on YouTube that show the Kariong hieroglyphs in varying levels of detail.  I have added links to all those that I could find below. They are sorted by upload date. Generally they have been produced by believers or borderline accepters of their authenticity, although the final one is a very well-produced rebuttal of the Egyptian claim that draws on a range of internet sources.

There’s more than an hour and a half of footage here. So get a cup of tea, some Tim Tams, sit back and enjoy.

1.  Gosford Hieroglyphics [8 mins 25 sec]
Uploaded by PSPI71 – 11 September 2006

2. Egpytian presence in Australia [9 mins 46 sec]
Uploaded by shanebarlow – 17 March 2007

Includes commentary and an appearance by ‘Mutley Rowlands – Archiologist’

3. Australian Hieroglyphs [1 min 34 sec]
Uploaded by Drhellrazor – 2 Feb 2007

4. Gosford Hieroglyphs [8 mins 42 sec]
UnexplainedAustralia – 9 December 2007

5. GosfordGlyphs [9 mins 2 sec]
Uploaded by SentientSight – 30 August 2008

6. Witch Rituals, Heiroglyphs & Strange Objects in Australia [5 min 34 sec]
Uploaded by shambhallah – 13 December 2008

7. Hieroglyphics in Gosford, [8 mins 4 sec]
Uploaded by gonzalezdennis – 29 May 2009

Spanish language commentary

8. Yowiehunters visit Gosford Hieroglyphs [4 mins 37 sec]
Uploaded by Yowiehunters – 4 January 2010

9. Gosford Hieroglyphs Part 2 [8 mins 6 sec]
Uploaded by UnexplainedAustralia -11 June 2010

10. Kariong Gosford Hieroglyphs and Chava Vital Chocolate [6 mins 48 sec]
Uploaded by pems99 – 31 August 2010

The post entry says in part

Did you know that there are Egyptian Hieroglyphs in Australia? These mysterious rock carvings are the genuine article. My father in law was an expert on the Egyptian pyramids and he verified that these are real hieroglyphs.

The second part is the narrator’s chocolate advertisement.

11. Gosford Hieroglyphs [12 mins 2 sec]
Uploaded by DownUnderDoug – 26 November 2010

12. Bambara Save The Sacred Land and Kariong Hieroglyphs [11 mins 38 sec]
Uploaded by pems99 – 28 February 2011

13. Bambara Hieroglyphics.wmv [3 mins 3 sec]
Uploaded by MissNATferfoglia – 13 April 2011

14. Gosford Kariong Egyptian Hieroglyphs – The Truth Revealed [3 mins 59 sec]
Uploaded by mulcontent – 16 April 2011

If you know of any others please let me know.

Part 2 of this post is now up, with another selection of clips featuring Kariong.  Check it out!


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