Kariong hieroglyphs – the movies – Part 2

The video clips showing Kariong just keep coming.  The first part of the this post gave 14 clips that collectively ran for more than an hour and a half.  In the year or so since then another bunch of clips have emerged.  Some of these follow the same format of shaky close-ups on the glyphs, which don’t really add much to what you have seen before, and can make you seasick after a while.  But there’s a lot more too!.  We get the site’s all too brief stardom when it featured in the Tony Robinson’s Australia series.  Among other highlights are footage of Val Barrow channelling her spirit guide Alcheringa on the site, and Paul White, who wrote the first articles about the site, presenting part of his dcumentary series from 1993.  All together its an interesting mix of scepticism through to wholehearted acceptance as genuine, and its even longer – totalling just under two hours.

As before I present these for your information and enjoyment.  If you come across any others, please drop me a line.  Until then, take the phone off the hook, uncork that shiraz and enjoy!

15.  Valerie Barrow channels Alcheringa on 10th October 1995 Part 1 [9 mins 5 sec]

16.  Valerie Barrow channels Alcheringa on 10th October 1995 Part 2 [8 mins 45 secs]
Uploaded by Sat1008 – 27 Apr 2009

17.  Valerie Barrow – Channels the spirit of Alcheringa – re Kariong – 2012 [12 mins 31 sec]
Uploaded by Sat1008 – 24 Jan 2012

Different to the other videos – The first two clips have footage of Val Barrow on location at Kariong being possessed by her spirit guide Alcheringa.  The narrative includes some discussion of Kariong within the cosmic history of the Star People, and the Earth as the land of ‘Mu’.  This includes some question and answer with her cameraman.  The third video takes place 17 years later and is not on the Kariong site, although it is discussed.  For more information on Val Barrow and Alcheringa see http://www.valeriebarrow.com/.

18.  Jake Cassar – Part 5 of DVD [15 mins 14 sec]
Uploaded by MsRonnyb – 26 April 2011

Filmed in 2009, fifth of an 8 part series containing several standalone programs focussing on the campaign to protect Bambara bushland from development, seen from the perspective of local activist Jake Cassar.  The Kariong engravings are near to the development but are within Brisbane Water National Park.

The hieroglyphs feature in Part 5 from 7 mins 30 sec to 11 mins 10 sec.

19.  Jake Cassar History Channel [5 mins 57 sec]
Uploaded by MsRonnyb – 19 May 2011

This was broadcast as part of the ‘Race to the end of the World’ episode of Tony Robinson’s Australia on the History Channel on 3 May 2012.

20.  Gosford Glyphs 1.m4v [4 mins 41 sec]
Uploaded by PleiadianGuy – 8 August 2011

21.  Egyptian hieroglyphics at Kariong NSW 06/10/2011 [2 mins 34 sec]
Uploaded by utaalkback2me – 8 Oct 2011

There is almost no audio commentary on this clip excapt at the end, and I am not sure if the bloke is being filmed defacing one of the engravings.

22.  Egypt in Australia  [2 mins 02 sec]
Uploaded by haeresy – 30 Nov 2011

23.  The Monty Obrian tour of Egyptian tomb & heiroglyphs Kariong nsw [9 mins 15 sec]
Uploaded by utaalkback2me – 26 Jan 2012

24.  Kariong Hieroglyphs.3gp [16 mins 45 secs]
Uploaded by stevefactor1audio – 5 Feb 2012

Very poor picture quality – filmed at twilight using torchlight.

25.  Woy Woy hieroglyphs [2 mins 43 sec]
Uploaded by particle68 – 7 Apr 2012

26. Kariong hieroglyphs – Videos 1-4 [2 mins 30 sec total]
Uploaded by oges74 – 9 April 2012

Four short videos without commentary showing the engravings in good quality detail.

[Note – the name of uploader has since changed from oges74 to Brett Miller]

27.  Ancient Secrets Part 4. The Egyptian Connection [25 mins 33 sec]
Uploaded by awarenessquest – 19 Jul 2012

This video is the final part of a 4-part series called Mysteries of the Earth Grid [parts 1 and 3 are also on You Tube] filmed by Paul White, who also wrote the first articles on the site.  Filmed in 1993 with lots of good quality close-up images of individual glyphs.

I hope you enjoy these.  As I said before, if you know of any others beside what I have in Parts 1 and 2 of this compilation I’d be keen to get a link.


4 Responses to Kariong hieroglyphs – the movies – Part 2

  1. Dave Fletcher says:

    It seems obvious to me that the Aliens who built the Great Pyramid and Machhu Pichu, first landed at Kariong and (after a few days work) realised they were in the wrong spot – they then moved on to Giza.


    But seriously :) the Giza pyramids are mind blowing, forgetting just how ridiculous it would be to build them with today’s technology, the relationships to Pi, Phi and the alignment with Pichu is an enigma.

  2. Marilyn Pye says:

    I have been to the Gosford heiroglyphs.Why is this discredited fraud being perpetuated? The heiroglyphs were cut in recent years and show no sign of weathering or oxidation.By recent I mean in the last 30 to 40 years.I first heard about them in the 1980’s but only saw them in the late 1990’s.i wish they were genuine….wouldn’t it be luveeeeeeerly! But hey all these forgeries and people forming cults around such things do nothing but bring discredit on any odd artefact found in Australia.Who is the enemy of truth?the Skeptics or the believers in anything…..and all the people trying to make a dollar out of nonesense/ Shalom Marilyn Pye

    • ‘Why is this discredited fraud being perpetuated?’ Answer that and you’ll cut the PhD out from under me in no time. I’ve had other distractions so have not got into the Kariong hieroglyphs here apart from the movie lists. There are, however, some detailed rebuttal posts by Woy Woy Steve [most recent here] and Kmt.Sesh [first in a series here].

  3. […] Part 2 of this post is now up, with another selection of clips featuring Kariong.  Check it out! Like this:LikeBe the first to like this. […]

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