Kariong hieroglyphs – the movies – Part 4

June 15, 2014

Part 3 and Part 4 of this series added on the same day, bringing up the total movies to 61! This part brings us up to date and reveals some interesting trends.  Steve Strong, the most active current advocate for the authenticity of the Kariong glyphs has added many of the new ones, and is also reposting his main Egyptians In Australia series.  Three others are based around conspiracy and esoteric radio show interviews, which either have a single static shot or, slightly better, re-used footage to run behind the commentary.  While some of the new additions show some real talent with a camera we are still yet to see a decent online documentary exploring the evidence, as against telling people what they are supposed to know. So, once again, sit back and get ready to enjoy the latest additions to the Kariong movies.  You can treat Steve Strong’s repeats as ‘classic screenings’ if you like.  the total running time this time is more than 7 hours.  A static shot of a smiling Steve and Evan Strong staring back at you for nearly an hour of that adds a suitably Andy Warhol-like bizarreness to the proceedings. Enjoy!  if you dare and, of course, let me know of any others I may have missed.

46. Egyptians in Australia [44 mins 38 secs]

Uploaded by ZeroEightyFour on 4 October 2012 Seems to be a close match to no. 33 above.

47. Gosford Glyphs visit by halfasheep [7 mins 10 sec]

Uploaded by Halfasheep on 2 March 2013

48. Did Ancient Egyptians Visit Australia? Hieroglyphs Found in Cave [2 mins 37 sec]

Uploaded by The Cosmos News on 30 July 2013

Cosmos News is an internet news service that does not seem to consider accuracy as part of its remit. Intriguing robotic voice-over adds to the general surrealism of the piece, which appears to be based on anything they could find on the internet without bothering to check.

49. Egyptians in Ancient Australia: Part One – Wayne Peters B.Sc. [7 mins 47 sec]

50. Egyptians in Ancient Australia: Part Two by Wayne Peters B.Sc. [7 mins 57 sec]

Both uploaded by Wayne Peters on 14 August 2013

51. Gliphs NSW – [2 hrs 5 mins 54 secs]

Uploaded by Skoddy on 9 Sept 2013

This is very poor quality footage of the inscriptions with a stream of consciousness commentary between a man and a woman.  The actual video finishes at about 1 hour 10 mins, and the remaining hour is static.

52. Red Ice Radio – Steven & Evan Strong – Hour 1 – Aboriginal Origins and Egyptian glyphs in Australia [50 mins 45 sec]

Uploaded by Red Ice Radio on 7 November 2013

Radio interview with the Strongs. No footage just a single graphic of father and son, as seen on their website.

53. Anciens Egyptiens en Australie [2 mins 13 sec]

Uploaded by Télestaï on 29 December 2013

No commentary, although some text from other broadcasts is translated [Steve Strong becomes Steve Forte].  Nice music over ‘borrowed’ footage.

54. Forbidden Histories – The Advanced Ancient Australians [54 mins 47 sec]

Uploaded by Nephilim70 on 24 January 2014

A radio interview with Steve Strong, but using footage from his Egyptians in Australia series as well. Generally poor sound quality throughout.

55. Kariong Hieroglyphs – Just the Facts [3 mins 58 sec]

Uploaded by Steve S on 23 March 2014

Released to mark the establishment of his website http://karionghieroglyphs.blogspot.com.au/, which represents the Kariong glyphs are fake perspective.

56. Egyptians in Australia Part 2 [45 mins 1 sec]

Uploaded by ForgottenOriginDotCom on 5 May 2014

This and other Steve Strong videos replace those uploaded on the Lisa Harrison website some 12-18 months ago.

57. Egyptians in Australia – Part 4 [16 mins 28 secs]

Uploaded by ForgottenOriginDotCom on 5 May 2014 Same as No. 38 above.

58. Egyptians in Australia part 5 [26 mins 13 sec]

Uploaded by ForgottenOriginDotCom on 5 May 2014

59. Egyptians in Australia part 6 [1 min 51 sec]

Uploaded by ForgottenOriginDotCom on 5 May 2014

Same as no 44, but see also interpretation of the carving debunked effectively in No. 45.

60. Australia’s Kariong Egyptian Glyphs Site [1 hr 28 min 20 sec]

Uploaded by Disclosure Nation on 7 June 2014

Not a film as such but a radio interview with Steven and Evan Strong with a single graphic. Good sound quality.

61. Gosford Hieroglyphics Directions. [2 mins 46 sec]

Uploaded by robfur1000 on 10 June 2014


Kariong hieroglyphs – the movies – Part 2

July 22, 2012

The video clips showing Kariong just keep coming.  The first part of the this post gave 14 clips that collectively ran for more than an hour and a half.  In the year or so since then another bunch of clips have emerged.  Some of these follow the same format of shaky close-ups on the glyphs, which don’t really add much to what you have seen before, and can make you seasick after a while.  But there’s a lot more too!.  We get the site’s all too brief stardom when it featured in the Tony Robinson’s Australia series.  Among other highlights are footage of Val Barrow channelling her spirit guide Alcheringa on the site, and Paul White, who wrote the first articles about the site, presenting part of his dcumentary series from 1993.  All together its an interesting mix of scepticism through to wholehearted acceptance as genuine, and its even longer – totalling just under two hours.

As before I present these for your information and enjoyment.  If you come across any others, please drop me a line.  Until then, take the phone off the hook, uncork that shiraz and enjoy!

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Daly River scarab

July 22, 2012

In 1963 it was reported in a letter to People magazine that an Egyptian scarab had been discovered by some children while playing beside the road near the Daly River, in the Northern Territory of Australia.  This discovery soon featured in articles about secret visitors written by Michael Terry in the mid-late 1960s, was picked up and promoted by Rex Gilroy in the 1980s and 90s, and then perpetuated and spread by the internet in the 2000s.  Is it actual proof of Egyptian contact?  Is it an actual scarab?  Is it actual anything?  Read on for the story.

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Sumerians? No, wait – Egyptians!

April 8, 2012

A thread recently appeared on the Unexplained Mysteries Forum, titled ‘Ancient Sumerians and Egyptians in Australia –  Ancient Sumerian engravings found on Pyramid Mountain near Cairns’.

Update 25 May 2012 – The remainder of this post and subsequent comments have been removed at the request of one of the contributors to that forum.